My Cruise Vacation

What I wish I knew before going on my cruise.  What I wish I knew before going on my cruise. I work in a high-pressure environment and after 2 years without taking a break, I realized that I was about to reach a breaking point. I, therefore, decided to go on a cruise, something I had always wanted to do. Although, to be quite honest Titanic was on my mind even as I did the bookings, but hey, you only live once right?

So there I was, full of excitement about the trip and could not wait to leave. I had this clear vision of drinking all day and sleeping all night, and if I was not sleeping I would probably be dancing the night away in the cruise ship disco, which, according to the booking company was something to ecruiseline_28xperience. So, did the cruise meet my expectations? One thing about taking a cruise is that you will have a lot of time on your hands.

For the first two days, it felt good to laze around and do nothing much, but slowly and surely the boredom set in.

There’s only so much eating, drinking and sleeping you can do before it hits you that there is really not much of an alternative in terms of activities. If you are at home, you can go for a picnic in the park, go to a variety of restaurant, and go hiking with your friends among other activities. On a cruise, you’re pretty much stuck to one location and you will actually miss seeing greenery. However, there were many activities and most of the time I didn’t even realize time passing.

The one thing I did miss was having a couple of friends along because I had decided to do this as a solo trip, so I could relax completely So much for the drinking all day part, drinks on the cruise ship were expensive. Had someone told me this before, I would have surely tried to sneak in a bottle of alcohol on the cruise or two of my favorite drink. So, would I do it again? Absolutely yes, but, I will bring two things along the next time around, a couple of good friends, and most definitely booze.…

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO 101

SEO means search engine optimization and may also mean search engine optimizer. It is a technique used to increase the number of people visiting a certain website by getting a placement with a high rank in the search result page. These pages include Bing, Google and other engines. Thus, SEO increase the chances of a site being found by the search engine and enables a site to be accessible to a search engine. The place a site ranks in a search is important for directing people because the higher the ranking, the higher the chance that the site will be visited by people. Webmasters use SEO to help them get a good ranking in search engine results.

Webmasters began the use of SEO in the 1990 and all they had to do was to give the URL to different engines which would then send a spider to crawl the page and get links. It would then give back information it found on the page to be indexed.

To improve the prominence of a site in the search results, one may choose to cross link between pages. This should be pages of the same website and this ensures that there are more links to important pages thus making the site more visible to users.One may also write about what is frequently searched for by users so that the site is applicable and relevant to most people. This will increase traffic.Updating content, this makes search engines keep going back to the site and adds value and weight to the site.

Adding relevant keywords to a web page’s Meta data, this improves on the relevance of the site therefore making the traffic increase.

URL normalization of web pages available through different urls. This is achieved using the canonical link element and it helps to increase the sites popularity by enabling several links of the urls are accessible.

SEO techniques can be categorized into two;

Techniques search engines approve as being of good design.

Techniques that search engines don’t approve.

White Hat vs Black Hat:

Search engines try to make sure that the effect of the later is minimal by spamdexing. The industry critics and commentators usually classify these methods and the people who use them either as white hat SEO, or black hat SEO.

White hat SEO are those that give results that last longer and adhere to the guidelines of the search engine without involving any false information. Black hat SEO are those that anticipate a permanent or temporary ban of their sites when the search engines are aware of what they are doing. This is because they try to improve their ranking by using deception and ways that are not approved by the search engines.

Another method that is sometimes used is the grey hat method. This method tries to avoid penalization of the site but does not provide the best content for the users, its main focus is to improve the ranking of the search engine.

Not every website can use SEO as it all depends on the website’s goal. Using a SEO can improve and give more returns on a person’s investment.

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